Katia Isakoff is a composer, multi-instrumentalist music producer, and the co-founder of Altersonic Sound and UNIT20 (studio), which specialises in analogue synthesis, drum-machines and bespoke modular systems. Her compositions, performances and productions, first appeared in the Add N To (X) album Loud Like Nature  (Mute Records, 2002) and later, in a Steven Spielberg television series.  Since then, she has collaborated on numerous albums and projects see selected works most recently, John Foxx and Steve D’Agostino’s Evidence of Time Travel album. In 2016, she joined EOTT for a live concert performance at Electri_City Conference, Dusseldorf, adding Moog Theremini to the sonic architecture of this ever evolving and expansive Karborn graphic novel, which premiered with a live performance at the British Film Institute UK and Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam (2015).  Katia is currently completing her solo album She’s Not Here and the Sunday Morning Electronics Project; both scheduled for release later this year.


She’s Not Here

for Lina

An album by Katia Isakoff (2017)

She's Not Here Katia Isakoff


Evidence of Time Travel

An album by John Foxx and Steve D’Agostino

A graphic novel by Karborn

Theremin by Katia Isakoff

(Images: Electri_City Conference, Dusseldorf, October 2016)

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